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The key factor is to be realistic about the GCSE grades that you are likely to get.
Refer to your Year 11 report or ask your subject teachers about your Predicted Grades. You will most help yourself if you manage to get some good grades at GCSE.
Are you going to get 5 or more grades C or above? If so, you may choose from the list of Level 3 AS/A2/BTEC courses. If not, you may choose the OCR National/BTEC First Level 2 courses.

Look through the subject pages of the Prospectus or see the Subject Criteria Checklist and visit some of the websites that have been included for additional information. Which subject(s) do you need for career choice purposes – including entrance to University or Higher Education and Training? Some career paths require certain subjects to be studied in the Sixth form e.g. medicine. Browse the UCAS website for information and guidance. These issues can also be discussed as part of your Sixth Form interview process. The main consideration is to choose a combination of courses that suits you and reflects your strengths and careers options.
Of these subjects that you have chosen, which do you think you are likely to want to continue with into Year 13 in order to do an A2 course? You might want to continue with all of your AS courses, but you may also want to complete and leave one or more at the AS stage. If you "drop" any subject having completed an AS course you may decide, with guidance from staff, whether to concentrate on the other subjects to A2 Level or to choose additional 1 year AS courses. If you decide to do this you will need to choose from the AS course list.
Clearly, you don't have to make this decision now - you can decide towards the end of your Year 12.
Your initial choice will be a free choice. When you have worked out which subjects you might like to study in the Sixth Form we will need to see if your choice combination is possible. The Sixth Form timetable is organised in Columns where all the subjects listed in a column are taught at any one time. You may choose up to 5 subjects provided they are chosen in different columns - this part of the process will come later, once the subject columns have been identified from the Application Forms we have received.
All courses are offered subject to there being enough students to allow the course to run. If smaller numbers of students apply for a course it may be possible to continue to offer it but for a reduced number of taught lessons each week.

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